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MODIS/Terra Land Surface Temperature/Emissivity Monthly L3 Global 6km SIN Grid V006

The MOD11B3 version 6 product provides average, monthly per pixel land surface temperature (LST) in a 1200 X 1200 (km) tile with a pixel size of 5600 meters (m). Each Land Surface Temperature (LST) and emissivity pixel value in the MOD11B3 is a simple average of all the corresponding values from the LST values from the MOD11B1 collected during the month period. Each MOD11B3 granule consists of 19 layers, including the LST day and night layer and their associated quality indicator layers, six emissivity layers, and seven observation layers. Unique to the set of MOD11B products are additional day and night 6km LST layers, which are aggregated from the 1km band 31 of the corresponding MOD11_L2 swath. Validation at stage 2 has been achieved for all MODIS LST/Emissivity products. Improvements/Changes from Previous Versions • Removed cloud-contaminated LSTs not only from level 3 LST products, but also from level 2 LST products, which includes MOD11_L2. • Updated the coefficient look-up table (LUT) for the split-window algorithm with comprehensive regression analysis of MODIS simulation data in bands 31 and 32 over wide ranges of surface and atmospheric conditions, especially extending the upper boundary for (LST – Ts-air) in arid and semi-arid regions and increasing the overlapping between various sub-ranges in order to reduce the sensitivity of the algorithm to the uncertainties in the input data (i.e., column water vapor and air surface temperature from MxD07). • Made minor adjustments in the classification-based surface emissivity values, especially for bare soil and rocks land cover types. • Tuned the day/night algorithm by adjusting weights to improve its performance in desert regions where the incorporated split-window algorithm may not work well. • Generated new LST products for 8-day and monthly at 6 kilometer grids, in response to user community requests.

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