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Land Use and Cover Maps from Landsat, Mawas, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, 1994-2019

This dataset contains annual land use/cover (LUC) maps at 30 m resolution across Mawas, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. There are six files, each representing a five-year interval over the period 1994-2019. An additional file for 2015 was created for accuracy assessment. A high-quality and low-cloud coverage image from Landsat 5 or Landsat 8 over each 5-year period was selected or composited for the January-August timeframe. Investigators used their knowledge to manually identify training polygons in these images for five LUC classes: peat swamp forest, tall shrubs/ secondary forest, low shrubs/ferns/grass, urban/bare land/open flooded areas, and river. Pixel values of Landsat Tier 1 surface reflectance products and selected indices were extracted for each LUC and used to predict LUC classes across the Mawas study area using the Classification and Regression Trees (CART) method. These data can be used to evaluate the relationship between fire occurrence and land cover type in the study site.

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