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MODIS/Aqua+Terra Global Flood Product L3 NRT 250m 3-day GeoTIFF


The MODIS/Aqua+Terra Global Flood Product L3 Near Real Time (NRT) 250m 2-day GeoTIFF Product (MCDWD_L3_F2_NRT) (beta) provides maps of flooding globally. The Global Flood product is provided over 3 compositing periods (1-day, 2-day, and 3-day) to minimize the impact of clouds and more rigorously identify flood water (the best composite will depend on the cloudiness for a particular event). The MCDWD_L3_F3_NRT is 3-day product which is generated from current and previous two day’s data. The beta version of the product will be updated. For more information, visit product page at:

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