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A Global Database of Soil Respiration Data, Version 5.0

The Soil Respiration Database (SRDB) is a near-universal compendium of published soil respiration (Rs) data. The database encompasses published studies that report at least one of the following data measured in the field (not laboratory): annual soil respiration, mean seasonal soil respiration, a seasonal or annual partitioning of soil respiration into its source fluxes, soil respiration temperature response (Q10), or soil respiration at 10 degrees C. The SRDB's orientation is to seasonal and annual fluxes, not shorter-term or chamber-specific measurements, and the database is dominated by temperate, well-drained forest measurement locations. Version 5 (V5) is the compilation of 2,266 published studies with measurements taken between 1961-2017. V5 features more soil respiration data published in Russian and Chinese scientific literature for better global spatio-temporal coverage and improved global climate-space representation. The database is also restructured to have better interoperability with other datasets related to carbon-cycle science.

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