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CYGNSS Level 3 Storm Centric Grid Science Data Record Version 1.0

This dataset contains the Version 1.0 Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System (CYGNSS) Level 3 Storm Centric Grid (SCG) Science Data Record (SDR) which provides the average wind speed combined from aggregated wind speed measurements made by the entire CYGNSS constellation whose specular points are located near a storm of interest in latitude, longitude and time. Data are provided on both a 0.1x0.1 degree latitude by longitude equirectangular grid and storm centric coordinates obtained from the Delay Doppler Mapping Instrument (DDMI) aboard the CYGNSS satellite constellation. Storm centric coordinates are derived from the National Hurricane Center (NHC) Best Track dataset to produce a 6 hourly wind speed averaging window. A single netCDF-4 data file is produced for each storm. Each storm is uniquely identified by the year, storm basin, and a storm number. This dataset is intended for historical storm analysis, and as such, this dataset is periodically updated based on the availability of the NHC Best Track storm center information that is typically made available in April for the previous year's hurricane season. SCG files are produced for named storms, as defined by the NHC, that reach hurricane strength (i.e., having a maximum sustained wind speed of at least 65 knots). Due to the dependency on NHC Best Track data, the SCG files produced in this dataset are confined to storms in the Northern Hemisphere within the North Atlantic and East Pacific ocean regions. Wind speed inputs are provided by the CYGNSS Level 2 SDR Version 3.0 ( ).

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