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Sounder SIPS: Sun Synchronous 13:30 orbit Climate Hyperspectral InfraRed Product (CHIRP): Calibrated Radiances from S-NPP, V2 (SNDR13CHRP1SNCal) at GES DISC

The Climate Hyperspectral Infrared Radiance Product (CHIRP) is a Level 1 radiance product derived from Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) on EOS-AQUA and the Cross-Track Infrared Sounders (CrIS) on the SNPP and JPSS-1+ platforms. (JPSS-1 is also called NOAA-20). CHIRP provides a consistent spectral response function (SRF) across all instruments. Inter-instrument radiometric offsets are removed with SNPP-CrIS chosen as the "standard". CHIRP follows the original instrument storage, i.e., granule in, granule out, and contains all information needed for retrievals (including cross-track, along-track, fov id, etc.). This version of CHIRP, SNDR13CHRP1SNCal, contains CHIRP data derived from the CrIS instrument on the SNPP platform that is not present in the main CHIRP product, SNDR13CHRP1, and therefore covers the date ranges of November 2, 2015 (when CrIS started producing high-spectral resolution data which is required for CHIRP) through August 31, 2016 when the main CHIRP product, SNDR13CHRP1, switches to using CrIS on JPSS-1.

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