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Sounder SIPS: Sun Synchronous 13:30 orbit Climate Hyperspectral InfraRed Product (CHIRP): Calibrated Radiances from EOS-Aqua, V2 (SNDR13CHRP1AQCal) at GES DISC

The Climate Hyperspectral Infrared Radiance Product (CHIRP) is a Level 1 radiance product derived from Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) on EOS-AQUA and the Cross-Track Infrared Sounders (CrIS) on the SNPP and JPSS-1+ platforms. (JPSS-1 is also called NOAA-20). CHIRP provides a consistent spectral response function (SRF) across all instruments. Inter-instrument radiometric offsets are removed with SNPP-CrIS chosen as the "standard". CHIRP follows the original instrument storage, i.e., granule in, granule out, and contains all information needed for retrievals (including cross-track, along-track, fov id, etc.). This version of CHIRP, SNDR13CHRP1AQCal, only contains CHIRP data derived from the AIRS instrument on EOS-AQUA that is not present in the main CHIRP product, SNDR13CHRP1, and therefore starts on Sept. 1, 2016 and will continue until the AIRS end of mission.

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