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MODIS/Aqua Surface Reflectance Daily L3 Global 0.05Deg CMG NRT


The MODIS/Aqua Surface Reflectance Daily L3 Global 0.05Deg CMG Near Real Time (NRT) product provide an estimate of the surface spectral reflectance as it would be measured at ground level in the absence of atmospheric scattering or absorption. Low-level data are corrected for atmospheric gases and aerosols, yielding a level-2 basis for several higher-order gridded level-2 (L2G) and level-3 products. The short name for this product is MYD09CMG and it provides Bands 1 through 7 in a daily level-3 product gridded on a simple 0.05 degree (5600-meter) Geographic projection. Data for each pixel is selected on the basis of low solar zenith angle, minimum Band 3 (blue) reflectance, and absence of cloud from level-3 intermediate files. Science Data Sets provided for this product include reflectance values for Bands 1through 7, brightness temperatures for Bands 20, 21, 31, and 32, solar and view zenith angles, relative azimuth angle, ozone, granule time, and quality assessment.

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