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Integrated Multi-Mission Ocean Altimeter Data for Climate Research complete time series Version 5.0

This dataset contains along track Sea Surface Height Anomalies (SSHA) from the TOPEX/Poseidon, Jason-1, OSTM/Jason-2, and Jason-3 missions geo-referenced to a mean reference orbit. Altimeter data from the multi-mission Geophysical Data Records (GDRs) have been interpolated to a common reference orbit with biases and cross-calibrations applied so that the derived SSHA are consistent between satellites to form a single homogeneous climate data record. Version 5.0 updates include improved Precise Orbit Determination (POD) with GSFC std2006 standards, and the application of internal tides. The data are in netCDF format and start in September 1992. Data extensions are appended to the file quarterly. More information on data processing standards can be found in the v5.0 User Handbook (Integrated Multi-Mission Ocean Altimeter Data for Climate Research TOPEX/Poseidon, Jason-1, 2, & 3 Users Handbook: ).

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