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New Caledonia Pre-SWOT Level-4 Hourly MITgcm LLC4320 Native Grid 2km Oceanographic Dataset Version 1.0

This dataset provides a regional multivariate oceanographic state estimate from a global ocean numerical simulation with a focus on the New Caledonia region. The global ocean simulation is based on the MIT general circulation model (MITgcm) with Lat-Lon-Cap grid (LLC) layout and 1/48-degree (2km at equator) nominal horizontal resolution. This simulation is often referred to as LLC4320 in the community and existing publications. The simulation has 90 vertical levels, with about 1-m vertical resolution at the surface and 30 m down to 500 m, for optimized resolution of the upper-ocean processes. The model has zero parameterized horizontal diffusivity. In the vertical direction, the K-Profile Parameterization (KPP) is used for boundary layer turbulent mixing. It is spun up progressively from the lower resolution MITgcm simulation from the Estimating the Circulation & Climate of the Ocean (ECCO), and forced by the 6-hourly ERA-Interim atmosphere reanalysis ( ). A synthetic surface pressure field consisting of the 16 most dominant tidal constituents is used to dynamically mimic the tidal forcing. The dataset provides hourly oceanographic variables at native grid. Three-dimensional variables include temperature, salinity, and velocity. Two-dimensional variables include sea level anomaly, ocean mixed layer thickness, bottom pressure anomaly, net freshwater flux, net heat flux, shortwave radiative flux, net salt flux, and ocean surface stress.

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