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MODIS/Terra+Aqua Land Cover Type Yearly L3 Global 0.05Deg CMG V051

MCD12C1.051 was decommissioned on January 7, 2019. Users are encouraged to use the new Version 6 MCD12C1 dataset. The Land Cover Type Yearly Climate Modeling Grid (CMG) is a lower spatial resolution (0.05°) product, which provides the dominant land cover type and also the sub-grid frequency distribution of land cover classes. The CMG product (Short name: MCD12C1) is derived using the same algorithm that produces the V051 Global 500 m Land Cover Type product (MCD12Q1). It contains three classification schemes, which describe the land cover properties derived from observations spanning a year’s input of Terra and Aqua MODIS data. The primary land cover scheme identifies 17 land cover classes defined by the International Geosphere Biosphere Programme (IGBP), which includes 11 natural vegetation classes, 3 developed and mosaicked land classes, and 3 non-vegetated land classes. It includes the following three classification schemes, derived through a supervised decision-tree classification method: Land Cover Type 1: IGBP global vegetation classification scheme Land Cover Type 2: University of Maryland (UMD) scheme Land Cover Type 3: MODIS-derived LAI/FPAR scheme Additional layers include a Land Cover Type Assessment SDS, a Land Cover Percent SDS, and a Land Cover Quality Control SDS. V051 Data Set Characteristics: Area: Global Image Dimensions: LC Type: 3600 x 7200 (rows/columns) LC Percent: rows/columns/number of LC classes File Size: ~1200 MB Resolution: 0.05° (~5600 m) Projection: Geographic Data Type: 8-bit unsigned integer Data Format: HDF-EOS Science Data Sets (HDF SDS Layers): 10

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