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GPM Ground Validation Optical Disdrometer (ODM) LPVEx V1

The GPM Ground Validation Optical Disdrometer (ODM) LPVEx dataset consists of precipitation particle size distribution data collected by the Eigenbrodt Optical Disdrometer (ODM) deployed onboard the RV Aranda research vessel. ODM was specifically designed to measure precipitation on ship-based platforms that experience high and variable winds. ODM’s ability to maintain the optimal orientation with respect to the wind allows it to obtain more accurate precipitation measurements in this type of environment. The ODM data were collected as part of the Light Precipitation Validation Experiment (LPVEx) in September and October of 2010 around the Gulf of Finland. The overarching goals of LPVEx were to detect and understand the process of light rainfall formation at high latitudes and to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of precipitation algorithms for current and future satellite platforms. The ODM dataset files are available in ASCII text format from September 15 through September 26, 2010.

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