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The CAMEX-4 NOAA WP-3D Video dataset was collected during the fourth field campaign in the CAMEX series (CAMEX-4), which ran from 16 August to 25 September, 2001 and was based out of Jacksonville Naval Air Station, Florida. An important addition to CAMEX-4 was the participation of the NOAA weather reconnaissance WP-3D that collected radar, video and microphysical data.The NOAA WP-3D Videos were created giving a forward, left, right and downward views relative to the aircraft. Each view is a separate tape. All are recoreded in SVHS format in compressed time mode. That means that the video shows time passing at a rate approximately 12.5 times that of normal speed (e.g. 1 minute real time takes 5 seconds on the video). For further information and to obtain this data, please contact GHRC at

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