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SORCE SOLSTICE Level 3 MgII Core-to-Wing Ratio As-Measured Cadence V018 (SOR3SOLS_MGII_018) at GES DISC

The SORCE SOLSTICE Level 3 MgII Core to Wing Ratio As-Measured Cadence product consists of all measurements of the magnesium II core-to-wing index from the SOLSTICE instrument. The SOLSTICE instrument makes measurements during each daytime orbit portion, 15 orbits per day. A complete solar spectrum is made in about 30 minutes, a quick scan mode in about 5 minutes. The spectral resolution of SOLSTICE is 0.1 nm, allowing the Mg-II doublet to be fully resolved and modeled with Gaussians. The Mg-II core-to-wing ratio is used as a measurement of solar activity. The Mg-II data are arranged in a single file in a tabular ASCII text file which can be easily read into a spreadsheet application. The columns contain the date (calendar and Julian Day), the core/wing ratio, and the absolute uncertainty. The rows are arranged with one daily average measurment, repeating for each day for the length of the measurement period.

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