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MODIS/Terra Net Primary Production Yearly L4 Global 1km SIN Grid V055

The MOD17A3.055 dataset was decommissioned on April 6, 2020. Users are encouraged to use the new improved MOD17A3HGF.006 dataset. The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) Net Primary Productivity (NPP) product (MOD17A3) defines the rate at which all plants in an ecosystem produce net useful chemical energy. In other words, NPP is equal to the difference between the rate at which plants in an ecosystem produce useful chemical energy or Gross Primary Productivity (GPP), and the rate at which they expend some of that energy for respiration. Version 5.5 of the NPP product is produced by the Numerical Terradynamic Simulation Group (NTSG) at the University of Montana (UMT). It corrects the problem with cloud-contaminated MODIS Leaf Area Index (LAI)/Fraction of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (FPAR) inputs to the MOD17 algorithm. The original, uncorrected datasets constitute the Version 4 NPP products. For further details regarding the differences between the NTSG and NASA versions of this product, please consult the document referenced in the following news release: (Terra MODIS GPP/NPP Products from NTSG/University of Montana) ( Version 5.5 Terra MODIS NPP products are validated to stage 3. This means that its accuracy was assessed and uncertainties in the product were well established via independent measurements made in a systematic and statistically robust way that represents global conditions. These data are deemed ready for use in science applications. The following data citation is recommended when using MOD17A3 data: Running, S., Mu, Q., Zhao, M. (2011). MOD17A3 MODIS/Terra Net Primary Production Yearly L4 Global 1km SIN Grid V055 [Data set]. NASA EOSDIS Land Processes DAAC.

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