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GPM Ground Validation Dual-frequency Dual-polarized Doppler Radar (D3R) OLYMPEX V1

The GPM Ground Validation OLYMPEX Dual-frequency Dual-polarized Doppler Radar (D3R) dataset contains radar reflectivity and doppler velocity measurements. The D3R was developed by a government-industry-academic consortium with funding from NASA’s Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) Project and was used in several ground validation projects. D3R operates at the Ku band (13.91 GHz ± 25 MHz) and Ka band (35.56 GHz ± 25 MHz) frequencies, like those on GPM satellite instruments, covering a fixed range from 450 m to 40 km. For OLYMPEX, the D3R was collocated with the NPOL radar at a coastal Washington state location on the Olympic Peninsula. Due to blockage caused by NPOL, the measurement sector is limited to a 220 deg to 120 deg sector.

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