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The GRIP Cloud Microphysics dataset was collected during the GRIP campaign from three probes: the Cloud, Aerosol, and Precipitation Spectrometer (CAPS), the Precipitation Imaging Probe (PIP), and the Cloud Droplet Probe (CDP). All are manufactured by Droplet Measurement Technologies in Boulder, CO. The CAPS is a combination of two probes, the Cloud Imaging Probe-Greyscale (CIP-G), and the Cloud and Aerosol Spectrometer (CAS). Images of particles are recorded by the CIP-G and PIP, while the CAS probe measures particle size distribution from 0.55 to 52.5 microns and the CDP measures ice amount. Some ice/liquid water content are derived from the particle size distribution. The major goal was to better understand how tropical storms form and develop into major hurricanes. NASA used the DC-8 aircraft, the WB-57 aircraft and the Global Hawk Unmanned Airborne System (UAS), configured with a suite of in situ and remote sensing instruments that were used to observe and characterize the lifecycle of hurricanes. Data was collected 13 Aug 2010 through 25 Sep 2010.

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