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GPM Ground Validation Duke Soil Moisture IPHEx V1

The GPM Ground Validation Duke Soil Moisture dataset consists of a collection of various data obtained during the Integrated Precipitation and Hydrology Experiment (IPHEx) which occurred in the Southern Appalachians, spanning into the Piedmont and Coastal Plain regions of North Carolina from February 27, 2014 through October 17, 2014. The various instruments used included Theta Probes, Infrared Thermometers, 200-A Soil Core Samplers, a Global Positioning System (GPS), Soil Thermometers with Scanning L-band Active Passive (SLAP) flight concurrent survey data, and CS6161 Water Reflectometers. Data are available in a variety of formats based on instrument, including shapefiles, Excel files, Word document files, and ASCII formats. Browse images of site locations and data are available in JPG format.

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