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GPM Ground Validation Precipitation Video Imager (PVI) LPVEx V1

The GPM Ground Validation Precipitation Video Imager (PVI) LPVEx dataset consists of precipitation particle images and drop size distribution (DSD) data collected by the Precipitation Video Imager (PVI) during the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission Light Precipitation Validation Experiment (LPVEx) field campaign. This field campaign took place around the Gulf of Finland in September and October of 2010. The goal of the campaign was to provide additional high-latitude, light rainfall measurements for the improvement of GPM satellite precipitation algorithms. The PVI instrument was designed by Dr. Larry Bliven at NASA Wallops Flight Facility. Data files are available from September 17, 2010 through May 11, 2011 in Excel format and contain the average, minimum, and logarithmic DSD bin sizes and number of particles per unit time. Browse images are available in BMP and JPG formats.

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