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GPM Ground Validation NCAR Particle Probes IPHEx V1

The GPM Ground Validation NCAR Particle Probes IPHEx dataset consists of Ice Water Content (IWC), particle number concentration normalized by bin width, and total particle number concentration data that were collected from three particle probes onboard the University of North Dakota (UND) Citation II aircraft during the Global Precipitation Mission (GPM) Ground Validation Integrated Precipitation and Hydrology Experiment (IPHEx). These instruments include the PMS Two-Dimensional Cloud probe (2D-C), the SPEC Two-Dimensional Stereo probe (2D-S), and the SPEC High Volume Precipitation Spectrometer version 3 (HVPS-3). The IPHEx campaign took place in North Carolina with the goal of evaluating the accuracy of satellite precipitation measurements and using the collected data for hydrology models in the region. The campaign’s intense study period occurred from May 1 through June 15, 2014. All instruments are two-dimensional optical array probes which record images of particles that travel through the sampling area. The data files are available from May 9 through June 12, 2014 in ASCII format using the NASA Ames format specification. Browse images of instrument array 5-sec measurements are available in PNG format.

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