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CAMEX-3 ER-2 Millimeter-wave Imaging Radiometer (MIR) V1

The CAMEX-3 ER-2 Millimeter-wave Imaging Radiometer (MIR) dataset is a browse-only dataset containing plots of brightness temperature measurements collected by the Millimeter-wave Imaging Radiometer (MIR) in support of the third field campaign in the Convection And Moisture EXperiment (CAMEX) series, CAMEX-3. This field campaign took place from August to September 1998 based out of Patrick Air Force Base in Florida, with the purpose of studying various aspects of tropical cyclones in the region. During CAMEX-3, MIR operated onboard the NASA ER-2 high-altitude research aircraft, collecting brightness temperature measurements of water vapor, clouds, precipitation, and other atmospheric features. The MIR browse image files are available from August 8 through September 8, 1998 in GIF format.

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