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SMAPVEX19-21 Massachusetts Vegetation Optical Depth V001

As part of the SMAPVEX19-21 campaign, an L-band radiometer was deployed on top of a tower at Harvard Forest,Massachusetts, looking down at a stand of red oak forest. The radiometer collected data in V-polarization from late April to mid October 2019. Over 4 days in early July 2019, the water potential and L-band complex dielectric constant of canopy leaves were measured at various times of day. Other instruments were installed within the radiometer's field of view to measure soil moisture and temperature, air temperature, tree xylem apparent dielectric permittivity at 70 MHz, tree xylem water potential, and canopy wetness. The goal of this experiment was to study the sensitivity of L-band vegetation optical depth (VOD) to changing vegetation water potential over a growing season.

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