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Methane Emissions from Dairy Sources (Vista-CA), State of California, USA, 2019

This dataset provides estimates of methane (CH4) emissions from dairies in California at a resolution of 0.1 degrees (~ 10 km x 10 km) for the year 2019. The mapped sources of dairy CH4 emissions are enteric fermentation and manure management reported in gigagrams per square km per year (Gg km-2 y-1). The sum of the two sources is also provided. These data are in the succession of Vista California (Vista-CA) spatial datasets that have identified and classified potential methane source emitters in California and were created utilizing an assortment of publicly available data sources from local, state, and federal agencies. This dataset can serve as a planning tool for mitigation, a prior for atmospheric observation-based emissions estimates, attribution of emissions to a specific facility, and to validate CH4 emissions reductions from management changes.

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