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MISR Level 3 Cloud Motion Vector monthly Product in netCDF format V002

The MISR Level 3 Monthly Cloud Motion Vector Product contains retrievals of cloud motion determined by geometrically triangulating the position and motion of cloud features observed by MISR from multiple perspectives and times during the overpass of the Terra platform over each cloud scene. Estimates of cloud motion are a valuable proxy observation of the horizontal atmospheric wind field at the retrieved altitude of the cloud.The MISR instrument consists of nine pushbroom cameras which measure radiance in four spectral bands. Global coverage is achieved in nine days. The cameras are arranged with one camera pointing toward the nadir, four cameras pointing forward and four cameras pointing aftward. It takes 7 minutes for all nine cameras to view the same surface location. The view angles relative to the surface reference ellipsoid, are 0, 26.1, 45.6, 60.0, and 70.5 degrees. The spectral band shapes are nominally Gaussian, centered at 443, 555, 670, and 865 nm.

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