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Reconstructed Global Mean Sea Level from GRACE and In Situ 1900 to 2018

This dataset contains reconstructed global-mean sea level evolution and the estimated contributing processes over 1900-2018. Reconstructed sea level is based on annual-mean tide-gauge observations and uses the virtual-station method to aggregate the individual observations into a global estimate. The contributing processes consist of thermosteric changes, glacier mass changes, mass changes of the Greenland and Antarctic Ice Sheet, and terrestrial water storage changes. The glacier, ice sheet, and terrestrial water storage are estimated by combining GRACE observations (2003-2018) with long-term estimates from in-situ observations and models. Steric estimates are based on in-situ temperature profiles. The upper- and lower bound represent the 5 and 95 percent confidence level. The numbers are equal to the ones presented in Frederikse et al. The causes of sea-level rise since 1900, Nature, 2020.This dataset was produced by the Heat and Ocean Mass from Gravity ESDR (HOMAGE) project, with funding from MeASUREs-2017. HOMAGE is combining satellite observations to create a set of ESDRs that provide a homogeneous basis for accurate and current quantification of the planetary sea level budget, ocean heat content, and large-scale ocean transport variations.

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