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CYGNSS Level 1 Full Delay Doppler Map Data Record

This Level 1 (L1) dataset contains the Full Delay Doppler Map (DDM) sensor data from the Delay Doppler Mapping Instrument aboard the CYGNSS satellite constellation. The primary CYGNSS instrument, also known as the Delay-Doppler Mapping Instrument (DDMI), measures the incoming radio frequency (RF) streams from three input antenna channels (2 nadir oriented science antennas and one zenith oriented navigation antenna) and processes them in real time into DDMs, which are two-dimensional maps of the signal scattered from the Earth surface as a function of propagation time delay and Doppler frequency shift. DDMs are normally sampled over a restricted range of delay and Doppler values centered on the values at the specular point of reflection. The bit resolution of scattered signal strength is also truncated by a lossy data compression algorithm. Full DDMs are sampled over a wider range of delay and Doppler values and retain their full (lossless) bit resolution. Full DDM data records are typically 10-15 min in duration and are initiated by ground commands to coincide with an overpass by one of the spacecraft of a target area of interest.

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