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VIIRS/NPP Daily Gridded Day Night Band 500m Linear Lat Lon Grid Night

The first of two VIIRS DNB-based datasets is a daily, top-of-atmosphere, at-sensor nighttime radiance product called VIIRS/NPP Daily Gridded Day Night Band 15 arc-second Linear Lat Lon Grid Night. Known by its short-name, VNP46A1, this product contains 26 Science Data Sets (SDS) that include sensor radiance, zenith and azimuth angles (at-sensor, solar, and lunar), cloud-mask flags, time, shortwave IR radiance, brightness temperatures, VIIRS quality flags, moon phase angle, and moon illumination fraction. It also provides Quality Flag (QF) information specific to the cloud-mask, VIIRS moderate-resolution bands M10, M11, M12, M13, M15, M16, and DNB.

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