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ATom: In-Situ Measurements of Airflow and Aerosols from Multiple Airborne Campaigns

This dataset provides results of selected in-situ measurements of airflow and aerosol particles collected during the following airborne campaigns: NASA Atmospheric Tomography (ATom), Saharan Aerosol Long-range Transport and Aerosol-Cloud-interaction Experiment (SALTRACE), and Absorbing aerosol layers in a changing climate: aging, lifetime and dynamics (A-LIFE). The airborne campaigns were conducted between 2013-06-10 and 2018-05-21. Depending upon the aircraft instrumentation per flight and campaign, the data include aircraft position, relative humidity, temperature, pressure, angle of attack (AOA), the probe location, true and probe air speeds, and aerosol particle diameters as extracted from Cloud Imaging Probe (CIP) images for the ATom and A-LIFE flights. Also provided are the results of combining the airborne data with numerical modeling to simulate particle sampling efficiency. Simulations investigated how airflow around wing-mounted instruments affected sampling efficiency and the induced errors for different realistic flight conditions.

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