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LBA-ECO LC-19 Soil and Vegetation Data for Cerrado and Forested Sites, Brazil: 2002

This data set provides measurements for soil physical and chemical properties, rooting depth and weight, leaf area index (LAI), plant area index (PAI), biomass, fraction of photosynthetically active radiation (fPAR), and ground-based reflectance measurements of soil and litter samples. The samples were collected from 23 areas within the Brazilian research sites of the Brasilia National Park (BNP) and Aguas Emnendadas Ecological Station (AE), Brasilia; Cangacu Research Center, Tocantins; and Tapajos National Forest, Para.The research areas were in the most intensely stressed areas in Brazil, with rapid and aggressive land use conversions in forested and cerrado-transition areas. These field measurements were conducted from June to July 2002. There are 61 comma-delimited (.csv) data files with this data set.

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