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LBA-ECO ND-08 Soil Respiration, Soil Fractions, Carbon and Nitrogen, Para, Brazil

This data set provides (1) carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) concentration measurements of two soil aggregate fractions (250-2000 micon, small macro-aggregates (SMAG)), and (53-250 micron (micro-aggregates (mico)) and (2) in situ soil respiration measurements (January-March 2003) on sand and clay soils from a Eucalyptus plantation and an adjacent primary forest. The soils for fractionation were sampled in July 2001 from 0-20 cm and 30-50 cm depths. The research site was on the property of Jari Celulose, Monte Dourado, Para, Brazil. There are two files with this data set in comma-delimited (.csv) format.

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