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LBA-ECO LC-02 Biophysical Measurements of Forests, Acre, Brazil: 1999-2002

This data set provides diameter at breast height (DBH) measurements for 1,063 trees located at the Catuaba Experimental Farm, and 812 trees located in the Humaita Forest Reserve. Both sites are in the state of Acre, southwest Amazonia, Brazil. Measurements were made on individuals with DBH between 10 and 35 cm and individuals with DBH > 35 cm. The Catuaba Experimental Farm is part of a forest fragment of approximately 800 ha. The Humaita Forest Reserve is located in a 1,500-ha forest band with dominant bamboo characteristic. Ten-ha areas were inventoried at both sites. There is one data file in comma-delimited (.csv) format with this data set. There is also one companion data file with supplemental Catuaba site tree height and biomass data.

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