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LBA-ECO CD-05 Understory Fuel Stick Moisture, km 67 Site, Para, Brazil: 1998-2000

This data set contains moisture content measurements for fuel sticks located in the forest understory of the rainfall exclusion experimental site, Tapajos National Forest, Para, Brazil. The mean and standard errors are reported for control and treatment plot measurements. The measurements were taken on various dates and times of day between 1998 and 2000 during the dry season.The rainfall exclusion treatment began in late January 2000 and continued through December 2004. About 60% of throughfall (equivalent to approximately half the rainfall) was diverted from a 1-hectare plot (i.e., dry) using plastic panels installed in the understory. The comparable 1-hectare control plot (i.e., wet) was unaltered. The goal of this experiment was to observe the potential effects of severe water stress on a humid Amazonian forest (Nepstad et al., 2002). There is one comma-separated (.csv) data file with this data set.

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