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LBA-ECO LC-15 SRTM30 Digital Elevation Model Data, Amazon Basin: 2000

This dataset provides a subset of the SRTM30 Digital Elevation Model (DEM) elevation and standard deviation data for the Amazon Basin. SRTM30 is a near-global digital elevation model (DEM) comprising a combination of data from the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM), flown in February, 2000, and the earlier U.S. Geological Survey's GTOPO30 data set. The SRTM30 resolution is 30 arc-sec or about 1 km. In processing the SRTM data, to combine with GTOPO30, the data were resampled from 3 arc-sec to 30 arc-sec. Provided here are the mean elevation and the standard deviation (STD) of the data points used in the averaging. The STD is thus an indication of topographic roughness useful in some applications.

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