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MISR Level 1A Calibration Data V002

MI1AC_2 is the Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) Level 1A Calibration data in DN. The data numbers have been commuted from 12-bit numbers to 16-bit, byte aligned half-words version 2. The MISR instrument consists of nine pushbroom cameras which measure radiance in four spectral bands. Global coverage is achieved in nine days. The cameras are arranged with one camera pointing toward the nadir, four cameras pointing forward and four cameras pointing aftward. It takes seven minutes for all nine cameras to view the same surface location. The view angles relative to the surface reference ellipsoid, are 0, 26.1, 45.6, 60.0, and 70.5 degrees. The spectral band shapes are nominally Gaussian, centered at 443, 555, 670, and 865 nm.

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