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LBA-ECO LC-09 Daily Precipitation for Altamira and Santarem, Para, Brazil: 1961-1998

This data set reports daily total precipitation data retrieved from Brazilian National Institute of Meteorology (INMET) network for three stations near two Amazonian research sites: Altamira, and Santarem, from 1961-1998.Daily precipitation totals are provided in one comma-separated ASCII file for three stations in Para, including two sites in Altamira: Altamira City and on the Transamazon Highway at Km 100 near Medicilandia (operated by EMBRAPA); and, one site in Santarem: Taperinha. Data availability varies by station (sublocation): Altamira City from 1961-1990, Transamazon Km 100 from 1982-1998, and Taperinha from 1983-1992.

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