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LBA-ECO CD-04 CO2 and Heat Flux, km 83 Gap Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest

This data set reports 30-minute values for above-canopy meteorology and fluxes of momentum, heat, and carbon dioxide, and within-canopy carbon dioxide and water vapor concentrations collected at 12 levels between 10 cm and 64 m at the tower located within a logging gap at km 83 Tower Site in the Tapajos National Forest, Para, Brazil. Data were collected over 1.5 years between June 3, 2002 and January 30, 2004. All of the data are contained in one comma separated file.Two towers are located at the km 83 site. The first tower was installed in an intact forest area at this site in June 2000 (the 'intact' tower). In September 2001, the area adjacent to the tower was selectively logged (Bruno et al., 2006). The second tower (the 'gap tower') was installed and operating in June 2002, 400 m east of the intact tower. The gap tower was installed in the middle of a 50 m x 50 m log landing.

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