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LBA-ECO CD-04 Meteorological and Flux Data, km 83 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest

Tower flux measurements of carbon dioxide,water vapor, heat, and meteorological variables were obtained at the Tapajos National Forest, km 83 site, Santarem, Para, Brazil. For the period June 29, 2000 through March 11, 2004, 30-minute averaged and calculated quantities of fluxes of momentum, heat, water vapor, and carbon dioxide, storage of carbon dioxide in the air column, are reported. Data are reported in three comma separated files: (1) 30 minute-averages, (2) the daily (24 hour) averages, and (3) the monthly (calendar) averages.The variables measured on the 67 m tower relate to meteorology, soil moisture, respiration, fluxes of momentum, heat, water vapor, and carbon dioxide, and were used to calculate storage of carbon dioxide, Net Ecosystem Exchange, and Gross Primary Productivity. Most of the variables have not been gap filled. However, CO2 flux and storage have been filled to avoid biases in Net Ecosystem Exchange; a fill index flag is included to indicate which data points were filled. Variables derived from the filled variables (respiration, NEE, GPP) are essentially filled also. Net ecosystem exchange has been filtered for calm nighttime periods.

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