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LBA-ECO LC-04 THMB Model Simulations for the Amazon and Tocantins Basins: 1939-1998

The model output data provided were generated by the THMB 1.2 (Terrestrial Hydrology Model with Biogeochemistry) model which simulates the flow of water through groundwater systems, rivers, lakes and wetlands. The model operates at a 5-minute latitude-by-longitude grid with a 1-hour time step and requires as boundary conditions: topography, evaporation from water surfaces, surface runoff, base flow, and precipitation. Data are included for the mean monthly simulated water height above flood stage, mean monthly simulated river discharge, and mean monthly inundated area for the period 1939-1998 for the entire Amazon and Tocantins River basins. There are three netCDF files (.nc) with this data set.

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