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SAFARI 2000 Daily Rainfall Totals for Mongu, Zambia, 1999-2002

This data set contains daily rainfall totals (mm) from Mongu, in the Western Province of Zambia. The data were collected with a British standard 5 inch diameter rain gauge in a yard 30 m away from the Meteorological Department building near the Mongu Airport (north of downtown and approximately 20 km from the Kataba Local Forest where the permanent 30 m Mongu tower site is located). Rainfall readings were taken by ZMD staff each morning at 06:00 GMT. These data form the official government rainfall record for Mongu.The data files consist of 3 files, one for each year (July to Jun). Each files contains monthly columns with totals for each day of the month as well as a monthly total. The data files are stored as ASCII text files in comma-separated-value (csv) format.

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