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Global Maps of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition, 1860, 1993, and 2050

This data set provides global gridded estimates of atmospheric deposition of total inorganic nitrogen (N), NHx (NH3 and NH4+), and NOy (all oxidized forms of nitrogen other than N2O), in mg N/m2/year, for the years 1860 and 1993 and projections for the year 2050. The data set was generated using a global three-dimensional chemistry-transport model (TM3) with a spatial resolution of 5 degrees longitude by 3.75 degrees latitude (Jeuken et al., 2001; Lelieveld and Dentener, 2000). Nitrogen emissions estimates (Van Aardenne et al., 2001) and projection scenario data (IPCC, 1996; 2000) were used as input to the model.

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