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LBA-ECO CD-03 Mesoscale Meteorological Data, Santarem Region, Para, Brazil: 1998-2006

A mesoscale network has been set up in the Santarem region of Para, Brazil. This network consists of eight meteorological stations named Belterra, Km 117 (Fazenda Sr. Davi), Mojui, Jamaraqua, Guarana, Embrapa (Cacoal Grande), Vila Franca and Sudam (Curua Una). Belterra and Km117 stations have been almost continuously collecting data since August, 1998, respectively. Mojui, Jamaraqua, and Guarana have been collecting data since July, 2000. Embrapa, Vila Franca and Sudam stations have been collecting data since 2002. Data are presented in 52 individual comma-separated ASCII files. Each file contains data from one calendar year for one site; both site and year are identified clearly in the data file name and all files follow the same header information and organizational structure. Measurements include air temperature and pressure, wind speed and direction, relative humidity, downward solar radiation, and at some stations soil temperature and moisture.

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