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LBA-ECO CD-10 Forest Litter Data for km 67 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest

This data set contains a single text file which reports litter type and mass in the old-growth upland forest at the Para Western (Santarem) - km 67, Primary Forest Tower Site. This site is in the Tapajos National Forest located in north central Brazil. Measurements extend from July 2000 through June 2005.Litter collection began in July 2000 using 40 circular, mesh screen traps (0.43 m diameter, 0.156 m2) randomly located throughout the 19.75-ha tree-survey area (Rice et al., 2004). Approximately every 14 days, litter was collected, sorted, oven dried at 60 degrees C, and weighed. The litterfall from each trap was sorted into (1) leaves, (2) fruits and flowers, (3) wood , <2 cm diameter, and (4) miscellaneous. Data values reported are the mean and standard error of the 40 mass measurements of each of the litter components and the combined total, that have been converted to the reporting units of Mg/ha/yr.

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