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VEMAP 2: Annual Ecosystem Model Responses to U.S. Climate Change, 1994-2100

Phase 2 of the VEMAP Project developed historical (1895-1993) gridded data sets of climate (temperature, precipitation, solar radiation, humidity, and wind speed) and projected (1994-2100) gridded annual and monthly climate data sets using output from two climate system models [CCCma (Canadian Centre for Climate Modeling and Analysis) and Hadley Centre models]. Two Phase 2 model experiments were run. First, a set of selected biogeochemical models and coupled biogeochemical-biogeographical models were run from 1895 to 1993 to compare model responses to the historical time series and current ecosystem biogeochemistry. Second, these same models were run on the projected 1994 to 2100 data to compare their ecological responses to transient scenarios of climate and atmospheric CO2 change. Model runs were performed for daily, monthly, and annual gridded data sets. The output of the annual model runs in VEMAP grid format are contained in this data set. The models investigated included five biogeochemical cycling models, which simulate plant production and nutrient cycles.

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