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LBA-ECO CD-06 Amazon River Basin Land and Stream Drainage Direction Maps

This data set provides high-resolution (~500 m) gridded land and stream drainage direction maps for the Amazon River basin, excluding the Rio Tocantins basin. These maps are the result of a new topography-independent analysis method (Mayorga et al., 2005) using the vector river network from the Digital Chart of the World (DCW, Danko, 1992) to create a high-resolution flow direction map. The data products include (1) a stream network coverage with stream order assigned to each reach; (2) the basin boundaries of the major tributaries to the Amazon mainstem; (3) the mouths; and (4) the source points of these tributaries.There are 7 ESRI ArcGIS shapefiles provided in compressed *.zip format and 4 GeoTiff image files with this data set.

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