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LBA-ECO LC-02 Forest Flammability Data, Catuaba Experimental Farm, Acre, Brazil: 1998

This data set provides the results of controlled burns conducted to assess the flammability of mature forests on the Catuaba Experimental Farm of the Federal University of Acre - Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil. Controlled burns were conducted in 1998, and the rate of fire spread was calculated based on the duration of the fire and the measured extent of the burned area. Environmental variables measured included type of forest, canopy openness, leaf area index, number of days without rainfall, precipitation, height of litter, litter humidity, brushwood humidity, amount of water in the ground, air temperature, and relative humidity. Results from 50 fires set in 1998 are reported. There is one comma-delimited data file with this data set.These data are part of a larger study reported in the thesis by Elsa Renee Huamon Mendoza, Susceptibility of primary forest to fire in 1998 and 1999: A case study in Acre, south-eastern Amazonia, Brazil. The thesis, in Portuguese, is included as a companion file with this data set.

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