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ISLSCP II NOAA 5-year Average Monthly Snow-free Albedo from AVHRR

The objective of this work was to produce a monthly climatology of broadband surface albedos for use in global numerical weather prediction models at the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP). Monthly means of clear-sky, surface, broadband, snow-free albedos for overhead sun illumination angle were determined using data from a five-year period from April 1985-December 1987 and January 1989-March 1991. The data set is compatible in temporal coverage and spatial resolution with a monthly climatology of green vegetation fraction (Gutman and Ignatov, 1998) delivered earlier and currently in use at NCEP. Three zip files are provided at three spatial resolutions of quarter, half and on degree, each containing 12 data files in standard ESRI ArcGIS ArcInfo Grid format, and 12 data files in ASCII format denoting defifferences between the original data set and the ISLSCP II Land Sea Mask.

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