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LBA-ECO LC-01 Northern Ecuadorian Amazon Household Surveys, Summary Results: 1999

This data set reports summary statistics from socioeconomic and demographic surveys administered to the male and female heads of household on 767 farm plots. The surveys were performed in the provinces of Sucumbios and Napo/Orellana, in the northern Ecuadorian Amazon colonist settlements (Oriente) in 1999 (Pan and Bilsborrow, 2005). In addition, perception of, and opinions about local climate, soil quality, and environmental contamination were assessed for both the male and female heads of household. There are two comma-delimited (csv) ASCII data files. One file provides summary data from male respondents; the other data file provides summary responses from the female household survey (generally the spousal respondent). The original questionnaire forms are included as companion files (PDF format).

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