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LBA-ECO LC-07 Water Quality, CO2, Chlorophyll, Lago Curuai, Para, Brazil: 2003-2004

This data set reports (1) concentrations of total, organic, and inorganic suspended solids; dissolved inorganic, and organic carbon; chlorophyll-a and (2) measurements of turbidity, ph, temperature, transparency, conductivity, and calculated carbon dioxide (CO2) in water samples collected from Lago Curuai (Lake Curuai), in the floodplain of the Amazon River south of Obidos, Para, Brazil. Approximately 70 stations were sampled during four phases of the hydrological cycle: receding (September 2003), low (November 2003), rising (February 2004), and high water (June 2004). There is one comma-delimited data file with this data set.

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