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LBA-ECO CD-10 Coarse Woody Debris Data at km 67 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest

This data sets reports properties of fallen course woody debris in an old-growth upland forest at the Para Western (Santarem) - km 67, Primary Forest Tower Site. This site is in the Tapajos National Forest located in north central Brazil. Measurements extend from April 2001 through July 2001.Standing and Fallen coarse woody debris (CWD), or necromass were measured in a series of ecological plots at the km 67 eddy flux tower site in the Tapajos National Forest (Figure 2). The data set includes different size classes of debris measured in different plot sizes. Size classes were: 2-10cm (in 64 m2 subplots) , 10-30cm (in 1600 m2 subplots), 30cm (in 38400 m2 subplots), standing (in entire 50m by 1000m transects).

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