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LBA-ECO CD-04 Dendrometry, km 83 Tower Site, Tapajos National Forest, Brazil

A dendrometry study was conducted at the logged forest tower site, km 83 site, Tapajos National Forest, Para, Brazil over a period of 4 years following the implementation of a reduced impact logging management regime. Dendrometer bands were installed to measure diameter growth increments for 234 trees in an 18 ha plot adjacent to the eddy flux tower at the km 83 site. In addition to trees randomly selected for measurements within the plot prior to logging, a set of smaller diameter trees within or adjacent to gaps created during the logging treatment were added to the study in 2002. Selective logging is a major land use in the Amazon Basin. An accurate accounting of the effect of logging on regional carbon balances requires better information on the rates at which the logged forest recovers biomass. There is one comma-delimited data file with this data set.

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